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Revolutionizing a content distribution platform with video streaming capabilities to a TikTok-Inspired social network
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Our client is an online multinational entertainment and technology company that is redefining the future of human interaction and reshaping digital relationships through innovative technology.

The client wanted to have an application that would enable its users to seamlessly share and enjoy multimedia content, backed by live messaging and secure payment functionalities. 
Social Networking
Project duration:
Ongoing, January 2020 - present


The client has challenged the Epicmax team to transform his existing platform into a dynamic, TikTok-inspired application.

This entailed envisioning and executing a design that delivered an immersive video consumption experience while maintaining high responsiveness. Also, the client wanted to have a reliable and long-lasting partner to lead the front-end development process from the ground up providing an exceptional Vue.js expertise to implement features that could handle heavy user loads and maintain low response times.


The project commenced with a series of iterative prototype apps, each refining the vision until the final version mirrored the engaging nature of TikTok.

The process spanned approximately three years, with two and a half years dedicated to crafting the application.

Created by the Epicmax team from ground up, the content distribution platform with advanced video streaming capabilities enables its users to exchange and enjoy visual content in both video and image formats and offers live messaging and payment functionalities. It also boasts an expansive range of user interface components, videos, and graphics, earning it a prominent global ranking within the top 350 websites. 

Key results

Mobile-First Approach:

Recognizing the limitations of videos on mobile web apps, the Epicmax team of 5 seasoned developers has meticulously designed and executed a solution that enabled seamless video playback.

This involved overcoming challenges such as Apple's restrictions on playing subsequent videos with sound and achieving consistent performance across all devices. Additionally, native-like swiping gestures were incorporated to enhance user interaction.

SSR and SEO Optimization: 

Implementing Server-Side Rendering (SSR) was a complex task, especially considering the application's anticipated high traffic.

Through adept caching strategies and Nuxt SSR optimizations, the Epicmax team has managed to maintain stability even under substantial user loads, significantly improving the application's SEO performance.

High Load Optimization:

To ensure smooth video streaming and minimize buffering, our team was focused on optimizing load times and bundle sizes. Caching techniques were employed to store frequently accessed data, resulting in a seamless and uninterrupted content consumption experience.

Custom Component Library: 

In parallel with the app's development, a bespoke UI library was crafted to align perfectly with the project's design.

This library not only facilitated rapid UI development but also ensured design consistency across related projects.

Video Streaming Excellence: 

Implementing flawless video streaming required the creation of a dedicated client app.

Overcoming the complexities of handling camera permissions for WebRTC was a notable achievement, ensuring seamless video interactions within the application.

Key features

SSR and SEO optimisation
Mobile first
High load optimisation (caching, bundle size)
Custom component library
Video streaming
Live chat
Tight integration with the web analytics platform (Matomo)
AB testing
Translation to 8 languages
Admin panel

Technology stack

Vue 2, Nuxt 2, Tailwind, Redis, WebSockets (Amazon IoT), WebRTC (streaming)

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