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With 6+ years of dedicated work on both commercial and open-source projects, and more than 47 clients worldwide across various fields, Epicmax has deep expertise in frontend development, especially in Vue.js.

We regularly conduct code audits for our projects and are now excited to offer this service not only to our existing clients but to anyone looking to understand the state of their frontend code and ensure it's secure and up-to-date!

Our Expertise

Vue.js: Versions 2 & 3, with a strong focus on state management using Vuex and Pinia, and architecture best practices.
Nuxt.js: Proficient in both Versions 2 & 3.
Vue UI Frameworks: Extensive experience with Vuetify (Versions 2 & 3), Quasar, Vuestic UI, and more.
Module Bundlers: Skilled in using Vite and Webpack for optimal performance and build processes.
Open Source: Pioneers in developing our own open-source framework Vuestic UI, demonstrating our commitment to the developer community and showcasing our expertise.

Who Gains from Our Vue.js Audit?

Discover how our specialized Vue.js code audits can elevate various roles and projects:
Startups Seeking Investment: "Perfect your pitch and captivate investors with a polished, investor-ready codebase."
CTOs Focused on Excellence"Assure top-notch quality in your tech stack with our comprehensive code audit."
Product Managers Focused on Quality:
"Enhance your product's quality and user satisfaction through detailed code insights."
Business Owners Ensuring Project Health:

"Stay informed about your project's frontend health without deep-diving into code."
Developers Pre-Release:

"Confirm your code’s readiness and robustness before hitting the launch button."
Business Owners Pre-Investment:
"Validate the frontend quality of your potential investment to ensure it's a sound choice."

What We Check

Explore the core areas our expert team scrutinizes during our Vue.js code audits. From technical debt to documentation, we meticulously evaluate each aspect to ensure your code is robust, efficient, and aligned with the best industry practices.

Discover what we delve into:
Technical Debt: Identifying and strategizing to reduce accumulated technical compromises.
Code Quality & Standards: Assessing adherence to best practices and coding conventions.
Code Structure: Evaluating the architecture and organization of code for maintainability.
Deployment & Build: Ensuring efficient and reliable build processes and deployment strategies.
Security: Checking for vulnerabilities and implementing best security practices.
Testing: Reviewing testing strategies for thoroughness and effectiveness.
Performance: Analyzing application speed and resource efficiency.
Error Handling: Ensuring robust and user-friendly error management.
External Libraries & Plugins: Verifying the necessity and efficiency of third-party integrations.
Documentation: Assessing the clarity and completeness of code documentation for future maintenance and scalability.

We examine every corner, from the codebase, connection to design and backend teams, to processes, testing, deployment, and technology choices.

Key Advantages

Performance Optimization: Boost your app's speed and responsiveness.
Code Quality Enhancement: Clean, efficient code for easier maintenance.
Bug Identification: Spot and fix hidden bugs to improve user experience.
Scalability Assessment: Ensure your app can grow with your user base.
Security Evaluation: Identify vulnerabilities to keep your data safe.
Best Practices Compliance: Align your project with industry standards.
Actionable Insights: Get clear, practical recommendations for improvement.
Knowledge Transfer: Learn from Vue.js experts to elevate your team's skills.

Audit Process

Discover how our code audit unfolds, from initial access to the final report.
Each step of our process is designed to be thorough, transparent, and efficient, ensuring you gain the most from our expertise. Here’s what to expect:

Grant Access

Providing us with repository access ensures a comprehensive and seamless audit experience, allowing our team to analyze every aspect of your code efficiently and thoroughly.

Initial Discussion

A brief 30-minute discussion to understand your project's objectives, concerns, and any specific areas you want us to focus on.

Code Assessment

Vue.js Review: Dive deep into the Vue components, state management, and other core functionalities.

Static and Dynamic Analysis: Limited to certain critical pages/components to assess code quality.

Performance Checks: Identify bottlenecks and areas causing lags or inefficiencies.

Report Compilation

Code Quality & Vulnerabilities: A detailed breakdown of code quality and areas for refactoring.

Best Practices Assessment: Check for adherence to Vue.js and general web development best practices.

Performance Insights: Highlight performance-related findings and possible optimizations.

Recommendations: Prioritized list of actionable steps, with associated benefits and time estimates for each action.

Developer Feedback: Insights into the perceived developer level and potential areas for upskilling or training.

Review Session

Post-audit, a 1-hour session to discuss the findings, answer any questions, and provide guidance on the next steps.

Receive Audit Report

After our Review Session, you'll receive a comprehensive audit report. This document will encapsulate all our findings, insights, and recommendations.

It's not just a list of issues; it's a roadmap for improvement, offering actionable steps for enhancing your Vue.js project.

The report is designed to be clear and informative, providing you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your codebase's future development and optimization.


Explore our range of audit plans tailored to meet the unique demands of your Vue.js frontend project, each designed to provide insightful analysis and actionable recommendations.
Free Basic
βœ… High-level code review
βœ… General performance assessment
❌ Detailed code analysis
❌ Security assessment
❌ Custom recommendations
❌ Post-audit support
Deep Dive
βœ… Detailed code analysis

βœ… Performance optimization suggestions

βœ… Security vulnerability identification

βœ… Best practice compliance check

βœ… Detailed report with recommendations

βœ… Post-audit support
$ 2000
Custom Tailored
βœ… Customized code analysis focus

βœ… Specific issue troubleshooting

βœ… Security deep-dive

βœ… Performance tuning

βœ… Tailored recommendations

βœ… Hourly consultation

βœ… Post-audit support
$200 / hour

Client Feedback

See what our clients say about our Vue.js code audit service. Their experiences highlight the impact and value our audits bring to projects, offering insights into the tangible benefits of our thorough analysis.
What aspects of the audit added value for your area or were most beneficial to you?*
The outside view to make sure that we weren't blind to internal problems with the codebase.

The audit was an overall good experience. Not too many or too few meetings, it was fast and epicmax was flexible even when we had a few scheduling problems due to sick days.
It was a good experience!
Patrick Cornelissen
CEO at Orchit GmbH
The disruption to our workflow was minimal, we appreciate brevity; the quality of the report was valuable to us and we made changes to our codebase as a direct effect of the audit results.

Most beneficial to our project were the architectural observations (storage, organization, etc.) as well as security notes.

This was a great audit which we plan to make use of again… I can’t think of anything to improve.
Scott Wiersdorf
Vice President Of Software Engineering at Analytic Index
United States
Working with Epicmax's audit team transformed our Vue.js project. Their in-depth analysis pinpointed crucial areas for improvement, leading to significant performance enhancements.

The detailed report not only identified critical areas needing attention but also provided clear, actionable steps for improvement. We were able to use their insights to optimize performance, enhance security, and streamline our codebase.

The audit report became a useful document in our development strategy, guiding us in refactoring and improving our application. The professionalism and expertise of the Epicmax team have been invaluable in elevating our project to new heights.
Dima Blyshchyk
CEO & Founder at Mitrix Technology
Our audit report not only elevates your code quality but also serves as a solid foundation for stakeholder discussions, driving informed decision-making and fostering confidence among investors and team members alike.

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Who we are

Epicmax is a Vue.js development company with over 57 successfully completed projects all over the world and 3 widely acclaimed open source products. Our flexible business model and Vue.js technology expertise allow us to work across industries and serve businesses of different sizes from startups to large companies.

We bring deep Vue.js knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues for your organization.

We move fast and integrate with your team for agile and collaborative processes.